A Party Planning Checklist You Can Use For any Party You are Organizing

It’s party season! From Thanksgiving, to Christmas, to New Years, there are so many reasons to celebrate! If you are in the festive spirit and ready to get together with friends and family, why not host your own party?

If you are in the habit of attending parties all season long, why not host one yourself this year? Or, if you are used to hosting each year, are you looking to make your life a little bit easier? Let’s face it- hosting a party can be difficult! Plenty of people avoid it all together because they feel it is too much work. Is that how you feel? Do you only host once in a while because it stresses you out too much? You aren’t alone!

Thankfully, there are plenty of solutions to make party planning a breeze. Whether you are a seasoned professional or thinking about taking the first step into hosting, you can pull off a perfect party with just a little bit of help!

One of the best things you can do to plan the perfect party is- plan. If you’re thinking, isn’t that obvious? Yes, it is, but many people fail to plan properly. In particular, using an actual planning checklist can help you make sure you don’t forget anything – from the big details, down to all the smallest of details that add up to make for a great gathering.

party planning checklist

From the timeline, to the guest list, the decor, music, the food, there is a lot to keep up with when it comes to planning a party. Take some of the pressure off yourself by following a solid planning checklist that will keep you on track and help you remember everything!

Better yet, we have come up with the perfect party planning checklist that you can use for any party you are planning! All you need to do is consult this list and you will be well on your way to your best party yet!

Even if this is your first time hosting, this list will help make everything go smoothly. After all, just because you are hosting, you should enjoy yourself too! This list will help make that happen.

The Ultimate Party Planning Checklist  

Phase I Planning: 1-2 Months Before Party

  • What’s the theme/reason of the party?
  • What day is the party?
  • What time is the party?
  • Where is the party taking place?
  • Determine your budget (this is important and will help guide you with the rest of your planning!)
  • How many people are you inviting (start with just a general number)
  • What are you planning to serve? (You don’t need specifics at this point, just an idea- a full dinner? Just snacks? Drinks?)

Phase II Planning: 3 Weeks-1 Month Before Party

  • Create your actual guest list (and consider if you will offer plus ones or not- that impacts your final number!)
  • Create and send your invites (this can be formal on paper, or just a text or email invite)
  • Pick your menu (consider any dietary restrictions based on your guest list)
  • Plan your decor
  • Make your shopping list (and we suggest breaking it down by store- one place for food, another for decor, etc.)
  • Consider if you need to purchase or rent any larger items (tables, chairs, linens, etc.) and place the order if required.

Phase III Planning: 2-3 Weeks Before Party

  • Plan your cooking/decorating schedule (can some items be made in advance? When can you start setting up decorations if you are renting out a venue? When do you need to start cooking the day of the party?) The more specific you make this schedule, the smoother things will go.
  • Plan the layout of your party (where will food be set up? Where will people sit?)
  • Plan your music (consider creating a playlist on your phone and the day of the party hook it up to a portable speaker)
  • Create any personalized party decor or favors (for example- place cards to have if you are having a sit down dinner)

Phase IV Planning: 1 Week Before Party

  • Confirm final guest count – follow up with any guests who have not alerted you if they are coming or not
  • Purchase food/drink items that will not spoil (snacks, alcohol, etc.)
  • Confirm delivery of any rental items like tables or chairs

Phase V Planning: 2-3 Days Before Party

  • Purchase remaining food items
  • Begin prepping menu items that can be made in advance
  • Begin setup if the party is at your house
  • Alert guests of address of party and of the parking situation (can they park in the street, at a neighbor’s house?)
  • Begin cleaning house, especially in area where guests will be

Phase VI Planning: Day of the Party!

  • Set your table and finish placing any other decorations
  • Chill beverages- beer or wine, soda, etc.
  • Complete final cleaning for party
  • Begin cooking according to your schedule you determined earlier
  • Get yourself ready
  • Start your playlist shortly before first guests arrive
  • Enjoy your party!

Wrapping Up

No matter what type of party you are planning, you can use this ultimate checklist to help it run smoothly! By taking the time to plan things out in advance you are sure to stay organized and actually able to enjoy the party the day of.

Are you in charge of hosting Christmas this year? Planning a New Years Eve party? Let the fun begin- it’s time to start planning! Happy Holidays!

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Christmas Mantel Decoration Ideas: Let’s Get Creative!

It is officially the holiday season, and one of our favorite things is to get creative with our decorations! If you aren’t quite feeling in the holiday mood, there is something about getting crafty and putting together some decorations that can get you feeling festive!

Best of all, putting together some decorations is a great activity that you can share with your friends and family. Are your kids home from school? This is a great, fun way to get them involved, and the end result is some beautiful decorations!

One area of the home we feel is often overlooked when decorating is the mantel! This is typically found right in the heart of your home, and we believe it is deserving of some decorations as well! You might hang your stockings below it, but the mantel itself deserves some love as well.

If you typically stop decorating once you put up your Christmas tree, why not try decorating your mantel as well this year? It can make a big impact and really make your house feel festive and inviting!

Need some ideas? No problem! Here are some great Christmas mantel decoration ideas, and best of all, you can make these all yourself! Let’s get creative!

1. The Traditional Mantel

First up, who can resist a classic, Christmas mantel setup? We know we can’t. If your house is splashed with red and green all season long, this is an excellent mantel idea that you can actually put together pretty easily!

traditional mantel

You could buy fake evergreen sprigs, but we recommend getting some real ones. Not only will they look better, it’ll make your house smell fantastic! As for the top mantel decor, don’t worry about spending any money, just head to your backyard and search for some varying sized branches. Paint them white and attach some berry sprigs to add in some red to the decor. Add in some twinkle lights and you’ve got the perfect Winter Wonderland display!

Get the full tutorial here: Craftberry Bush

2. Fun with Frames

We thought this next idea was such a clever way to come up with such a festive mantel display! All you need are some old pictures frames and some spray paint. Either use some old frames of yours, or consider going to a thrift store to purchase some for cheap. Mix in some fun ornaments and some evergreen sprigs for a bright, fun mantel display. We can’t help but think this particular display looks a bit like something out of Whoville in the best possible way!

frame decoration

If you want a fun, festive mantel display, try out this setup! Best of all, it is fairly easy and won’t take much time to complete, perfect if you are running a bit short on time during the busy holiday season.

Get the full tutorial here: Forever Decorating

3. Let it Snow!

We are noticing that quote wall art is everywhere these days. If you are in love with this trend, you can easily adapt it to fit the holiday season! We love this modern, yet traditional mantel display. The focal point is of course the three canvases that say ‘Let it Snow.’ You could choose to order these canvases, but we personally think it would be much more fun to make them on your own!

let it snow

All you need are 3 canvases and some black paint and a brush. If you want, consider writing out the words first in pencil to have a guide to follow, or just freehand it and see what happens! Don’t worry about it being perfect- in fact we think it looks better if it looks handmade, it is much more personal and inviting!

In addition to the canvases, add in some greenery in the form of evergreen branches and a few small Christmas trees. Add in some red with some ornaments and your stockings, and that is it! Simple, festive, and unique!

Get the full tutorial here: In My Own Style

4. Bright and Fun

If you have young kids, this next mantel display is sure to be a hit at your house! Instead of sticking with the traditional red and green colors, why not go with fun bright shades like pink, orange, and turquoise! We absolutely love how youthful and fun this mantel display looks.

fun holiday decoration

In particular, the colorful garland is easy to make and will make such a big impact. Using some wooden veneer sheets you can easily cut out your circles and attach them to some string. Either paint the sheets or cover them with colorful cardstock! Best of all, you can easily reuse this garland at other events like birthday parties, so it is worth your time to make it!

Get the full tutorial here: A Kailo Chic Life

5. The Modern Garland

If you like to keep things simple and more streamlined, we love this modern take on a Christmas garland! Who says you have to use greenery? Use ornaments instead for a fun, modern piece of decor that will look fabulous as part of your Christmas mantel decorations!

fun garland decoration

Best of all, you can easily customize this garland to fit any existing decor or color scheme that you want to work with. Go all monochromatic, mess with metallics, stick traditional with red and green, or pick something non-traditional! Combine this garland with some other more sleek decor for a more modern look. Mini Christmas trees add that perfect touch of greenery to this mantel look, and we just love it!

Get the full tutorial here: The Chronicles of Home

6. Farmhouse Chic

Finally, if you feel like channeling your inner Chip and Joanna Gaines this Christmas season, why not go for a totally rustic, farmhouse chic look for your mantel decor? We absolutely love this look and think it is perfect for anyone who wants to do things a bit different this year.

rustic decor mantel

Start off by gathering some gorgeous plaid stockings (or make your own) and accessorize with some simple greenery, candles, and of course- a chalkboard! This is a great way to really put a personal touch on this decor. Stick with the classic ‘Merry Christmas’ or customize to say something unique and special to your family. Best of all you can let you kids help with this (what kid doesn’t like playing with chalk?) and even better, you can swap out the messages all season long!

Get the full tutorial here: Posh Pennies

Wrapping Up

So there you have it! Are you feeling festive now? We love focusing on the mantel and really getting creative with our Christmas decor. Hopefully these mantels have given you some great inspiration so that you can go decorate your own home now!

What is your favorite part of decorating for Christmas? Let us know! And Merry Christmas!

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10 Reasons Why You Should go Fishing with Your Husband!

After running, fishing is the second most popular pastime in the United States. One in six Americans say fishing is their favorite pastime. Something tells me that fifty million Americans know something, and not all of them can be wrong. The vast majority of the hobby anglers are men, which means their wives and girlfriends are often left alone when they head to their local fishing spot. That needn’t be the case, as more and more women are discovering.

The joys of fishing are not just for men, and joining your partner on a fishing trip can be more rewarding than you imagined. If you’re not convinced, then here are ten reasons why it’s a good idea to go fishing with your husband or boyfriend.

1. Fishing Keeps You Fit

We can hear you say: ‘What do you mean fishing keeps you fit, it’s all about sitting around drinking beer waiting for a fish to bite!’ Honestly, if that’s what you think, then you’re totally wrong. Fishing is great exercise for your main muscle groups, and with give your lungs and heart a super workout.

The better the fishing spot, the further it is away from a road, so you’re likely going to have to hike for at least a quarter-hour carrying your gear. That short walk back and forth to the fishing hole will give you a nice burst of aerobic exercise. Once you’ve reached your spot, then casting off, and rewinding the line a few times an hour needs a bit of strength, and that’s even before you get a bite. Once you’ve hooked a pike, carp, or bass, then the fight can be on. Pulling in a struggling fish works all the shoulder muscles, along with those of the back, arms, and legs. In fact, it’s a complete workout, without going to the gym, and you could have something healthy to pop in a pan and eat.

2. Reduces Stress

Our modern lives are becoming so stressful that it’s estimated 40% of adults lie awake at nights worrying about one problem or another. Some people resort to taking medication despite its inherent risks. However, you don’t have to go down that path as spending time with your loved one in the outdoors, away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life can be a treatment in itself.


It’s not surprising that lots of organizations dealing with post-traumatic stress recommend fishing to their clients because of its therapeutic benefits. It’s probably something your husband or boyfriend has already realized, and you can discover it too.

3. Improves Concentration

Just being outdoors with your man can do wonders for your concentration. Research carried out and reported in the British Journal of Sports Medicine suggests that being in the countryside, and aware of the environment around you is an aid to focusing the brain and helping people concentrate. Simply spending time by the water, and around trees calms and changes the mind making it more in tune with your body.

4. Get that Vitamin D Fix

Just being outside can lift your spirits, rather than being stuck at home alone. Even if you are not fishing, and are just along for the ride, being out in the open can really improve your health. Even when it’s cloudy being in the open air can boost your Vitamin D levels. Vitamin D is needed by the body to regulate levels of phosphate and calcium, which keep teeth and bones healthy. It’s also established it can improve your immune system, and is linked with combating depression. So that fishing expedition with your other half may do you more good than you imagined, even if you never pick up a pole.

5. A Bit of Bonding

A fishing trip with your husband or a boyfriend is more than just an expedition to sit by some water and then go home again. It’s an opportunity to talk to one another without the distractions of kids or family, cell phones or the other necessities of 21st Century life. The time waiting for a fish to bite can be magical for both of you. The ability to freely express yourself in an environment that is serene and calming cannot be beaten. If you go with some of his fishing friends, its an opportunity to meet new like-minded people and connect as you have at least one shared interest – fishing.

6. Feel Good About Yourself

Anglers are always talking about how good the sport is for setting personal goals and striving to achieve them. To catch that bigger fish or a different variety of fish. Learning to fish is also gaining a skill, something you can be proud of once you’ve got the basics figured out. Fishermen always say its journey of discovery that goes on until you eventually give up the sport or die. That first catch can be a memory that will last with you forever, and being with your husband or boyfriend can only promote your wellbeing and feelings of security when you work together to land that big catch.

7. A Way to Unwind

Everything we’ve talked about up until now sets the scene for you being able to unwind when you go on a fishing trip with your boyfriend or husband. It’s a chance to leave your cares at home, and just concentrate on what’s on the end of your line. If you have a high-power job, fishing is one of the best pastimes to let your mind relax.

fishing with family

It’s evident that when you are with your partner, it’s an opportune time for you to share your worries and your frustrations in a neutral setting, and get the support you might need to face the workplace the next day. It’s not only your body what will be refreshed by a fishing trip with your husband, but your mind will be too.

8. It’s not Going to Cost the Earth

When you start out fishing with your husband, it’s not going to be expensive, as more than likely he’ll have a spare fishing rod you can use, and all the other gear you are going to need. You might have to buy some wet weather gear and some waders, but they’ll last you for years, and also can be used at other times, not just for fishing.

And then think, you have hours of pleasure for not much outlay. Where could you spend a whole day out enjoying yourself for next to nothing? Going to the mall will always cost you a bundle, and seeing a movie isn’t cheap these days either. So if your budget is tight, maybe fishing together should become your pastime of choice.

9. Ready for the Table

How great is it to catch the fish you will eat for dinner! Going out to fish for your supper really is an excellent experience. Starting out with no expectations at the beginning of the day, and returning with a bucket full of fish ready to grill or barbecue is one of the greatest feelings in the world. It gives you a whole new perspective on life as a couple, heading into the outdoors to do what our ancestors did hundreds and thousands of years ago – fend for themselves.

10. What’s Better?

There is not enough said about doing things together. It really is the bedrock of a relationship, and being able to enjoy the same things as your husband or boyfriend really does cement you two together. A great partner is also a great fishing buddy, and someone who can understand the experiences you go through when angling. The fifty million or so anglers in the United States can’t all be mad, they do realize that the pastime is also a sport, and anyone can get wrapped up in it.

Even if you don’t pick up a fishing pole and join your husband, the time together without distractions can be the best quality time you have as a couple. Being with your partner can keep your feet on the ground, so you don’t get too carried away with fishing, and it can be put into the perspective of an activity you both do together to stay together.

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5 Get Well Soup Recipes to Lift the Spirits When in Need

Whether you’re feeling down emotionally or physically, sometimes the best thing you can do is cozy up in bed or on your couch with a nice bowl of soup. It’s warm, it’s comforting, and it’s good for you! In truth, as the weather continues to cool off, soup is a favorite go-to dinner option no matter what the situation is. But it is especially helpful if you need to lift your spirits!

No matter what is currently ailing you, we are here to tell you that the right bowl of soup may just make you feel better. Seriously! There are tons of get well soup recipes out there, all focused on improving your physical and mental health.

We have come up with our top 5 picks for the best get well soup recipes and are going to share them with you now. Whether you make it yourself, or have someone make it for you, you are sure to be feeling better in no time!

1. Cold-Busting Ginger Chicken Noodle Soup  

Cold-Busting Ginger Chicken Noodle Soup

First on our list is a healthy, cold fighting take on the classic chicken noodle soup. When you think of soup to cheer you up, chicken noodle is probably what pops in your head first. And with good reason! Delicious, warm, but easy on the stomach, this soup is perfect for helping just about anything.

By adding in ginger to this recipe you are boosting this soup’s ability to blast away a cold or similar illness. The ginger will help to calm an upset stomach and the soup in general is healthy and packed with vegetables that will help boost your strength and help you get back to feeling like yourself again!

If you like sticking with the classics, this is a great recipe to try. Don’t be afraid to switch it up just a little with the ginger, it will taste great and make you feel great!

Get the full recipe here.

2. Quick Homemade Ramen

Homemade Ramen

Good ole ramen noodles- the food choice of all college students! Cheap to buy at the store, it also always tasted surprisingly good, especially on a chilly evening. No matter how old you are, sometimes it can be hard to resist the delicious noodle soup packets. This is a classic comfort food, but did you know that you can also easily make it yourself?

Typical ramen you buy in blocks from the store is usually loaded with sodium. However, you can easily change that by making your own! To make this truly quick and easy you can use the prepackaged noodle, but make your own broth and include some vegetables to make this more of a healthier soup. Healthier, but equally delicious and comforting!

The word quick is right there in the title, perfect if you aren’t feeling well and don’t want to spend hours in the kitchen. See the full recipe here.

3. Immunity Soup

Immunity Soup

Looking for an immunity boost? Then you certainly can’t go wrong with this soup – the word immunity is right there in the title! If you feel like you’ve got a cold coming on, or if you simply want to stay healthy and avoid getting sick, this comforting soup is a great option to try out. It is incredibly healthy, but also incredibly delicious! With ingredients like onion, celery, carrots, mushrooms, and kale, this soup is filled with flavor as well as all sorts of vitamins and nutrients that will keep you healthy all the way through flu season.

This soup recipe is similar to traditional chicken, but instead of using noodles, there are chickpeas instead. For a delicious, unique spin on a classic recipe, you need to try this immunity soup. Get the full recipe here.

4. Ginger, Turmeric Spiced Spring Carrot Soup

Ginger, Turmeric Spiced Spring Carrot Soup

Do you prefer creamy soups over more broth based soups? If so- this carrot soup is the perfect one to try out when you need a little spirit lifter! Packed full of flavor, this soup relies on healthy spices like ginger and turmeric which are proven to help ward off illness, reduce stomach pain, and even reduce inflammation! This is a great soup if you need something warm and comforting to deal with an upset stomach, or if you’re simply feeling down.

We also love the warm yellow color of this soup and that alone can do a lot to brighten up your day – literally and figuratively! Best of all, this is another guilt free soup to enjoy as the soup gets its creamy appearance simply by pureeing carrots with other healthy, delicious ingredients! To add some creaminess you can consider adding a bit of something like greek yogurt, or even coconut milk. You can eat this hot or cold, but served hot is how you will best like it during cooler months!

Interested in trying this soup out? Believe it or not it is pretty easy to make. Get the full recipe here.

5. Miso Soup

miso soup

Finally, this classic Japanese soup is a great option if you want something comforting and easy on the stomach. Best of all, it is also easy to make and doesn’t have a lot of ingredients! If you want to whip something up in a hurry but want plenty of flavor, miso soup is something you should try out. You can typically find the ingredients you will need at most grocery stores that have an international aisle.

Best of all, this is a soup that you can also customize a bit to your personal taste, and even to what you currently have sitting in your fridge! Want to add in some more vegetables? Go for it! Put in your spinach, carrots, even potatoes if you’ve got them! You can make it your own, or follow the easy recipe. Either way, the result will be delicious!

Give miso soup a try! Find the full recipe here.

Wrapping Up

The next time you are feeling a little under the weather, why not try one of these soup recipes? Packed with healthy ingredients, they are just as good for you as they will make you feel! Guilt free, these soups are great choices to eat on all fall and winter long, and are sure to lift your spirits whenever you need it!

Which soup recipe sounds best to you? What was your go-to soup option as a kid? Let us know!

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Wedding “Thank You” Notes: How to Nail Yours!

Saying “Thank you” to guests who show up at special parties is a tradition that happens at most of the events you’ve gone to over your lifetime. From grab bags at birthday parties to sweet notes after a wedding, as newlyweds, it’s not only important to show your guests that you appreciated their attendance, but also the gifts they brought with them. Even after finishing your nuptials, the wedding planning isn’t over, as you have to think about how to say thanks to your guests for spending their time at your wedding.

Below are some great tips and tricks that you can use to really nail your wedding thank you notes with ease.

Tip 1: Know When to Send Them

The first thing you need to figure out is when you’re going to send out the thank you notes, as sending them too early is going to make your guests feel like you had them prepared too far in advance, and sending them too late may show that you don’t care. Finding the perfect median is essential, and we suggest sending a little thank you within 1 month of your wedding.

Tip 2: Include Everyone

It’s important to remember that even people who didn’t give you a gift still deserve to receive a thank you note, especially as they likely went out and bought a new outfit, took the time to get ready, and were able to show up at your special day. You never know what their financial situation may be and perhaps they weren’t able to afford a gift that would prove to be useful for you and your spouse.

Instead of focusing primarily on the people who spent his or her money on you, take out your entire wedding guest list and write a thank you note to everyone who was able to show up on your special day.

Tip 3: Include Details

This is why it’s very important to keep track of all of the gifts that you receive for your wedding as well as who bought what because you’re going to need to be detail-specific when it comes to writing your thank you notes. If a guest brought a gift, ensure that you mention the thing that they brought, however, if you received cash, do not mention the exact amount, but better yet, thank them for their deeply kind and generous gift.

Tip 4: Set Up a Writing Station

At the end of the day, the majority of people aren’t used to spending a few hours writing personalized notes to over 30 different people who might have came to your wedding. With that being said, it’s best if you take the time to set up a writing station that is comfortable and gives you enough breathing space to get creative with your responses.

thank you note

Make sure that you have enough thank you cards, pens, and turn on some of your favorite tunes for a little bit of inspiration.

Thank You Note Ideas

If you’re not the most creative-minded person, there are plenty of different ways to say “Thanks” without having to spend thirty minutes on every note you intend on sending out to your guests. Below are some great thank you note ideas that you can use to help spark inspiration or that you can copy for ease and efficiency.

1. Cash Gifts

Dear (Guest First Name) and (Guest First Name),

Thank you for taking the time to come to our wedding! We had a phenomenal time and we were incredibly happy that you attended. Both (Bride/Groom First Name) and I are very appreciative of the generous gift and we look forward to using it for (enter useful purpose, such as a down payment on a house). Thank you so much for joining in the celebration of our special day.

With love,

(Bride/Groom First Name) and (Bride/Groom First Name)

2. Physical Gifts

Dear (First Name) and (First Name),

Thank you for taking the time to come to our wedding! It most definitely wouldn’t have been the same without all of our closest family and friends in attendance. We were delighted to receive (name of the gift) and we surely look forward to using it over the years.

With love,

(Bride/Groom First Name) and (Bride/Groom First Name)

3. Attendance with No Gift

Dear (First Name) and (First Name),

Thank you for taking the time to come to our wedding! It was phenomenal to see you and you both looked spectacular. We just wanted to take a few seconds to send you some well wishes and to let you know how thankful we are that you were able to come.

With love,

(Bride/Groom First Name) and (Bride/Groom First Name)

4. No Attendance with Gift

Dear (First Name) and (First Name),

We’re sorry that you weren’t able to make it to our wedding. It was a phenomenal day and you were truly missed. We just wanted to take a few minutes to let you know how much we love and appreciate your gift and we thank you very much for sending it our way.

With love,

(Bride/Groom First Name) and (Bride/Groom First Name)

5. Non-Registry Gift

Dear (First Name) and (First Name),

Thank you for the (gift name), it’s the perfect addition to our household and you know how much we love (gift name)! We are truly looking forward to your next visit so we can enjoy the (gift name) together. Thank you so much for thinking of us!

With love,

(Bride/Groom First Name) and (Bride/Groom First Name)

6. Group Wedding Gifts

When it comes to group wedding gifts, make sure that you send every individual who pitched in for the gift their own thank you note.

Dear (First Name),

Thank you for the amazing (gift name), we cannot wait until we can use it! We’re so incredibly lucky to have such phenomenal family and friends. Thank you so much for thinking of us and being with us to celebrate this happy time in our lives.

With love,

(Bride/Groom First Name) and (Bride/Groom First Name)

Creating your own thank you notes is easier than you could imagine, especially if you just let all of the words flow from your heart. When you’re ready to get down to writing, work with a clear head, some great music, and a great glass of wine.

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The Dog you Should Get if You are a Runner: Here are the Best Breeds for Active People



Looking to add a running partner to your morning workouts? Or maybe your after work run? No matter what time of day you run, if you get the right breed of dog, they will be right there alongside you! Dogs make great workout partners, and not to mention, great companions in general!


If you are incredibly active and are looking to get a dog, it is best that you get a dog that is equally active. You don’t want to accidentally overwork a dog that doesn’t need as much exercise! Alternatively, if you lead an active lifestyle you are the perfect fit for a dog that needs a lot of exercise. Plenty of dog owners accidentally get dogs that need a lot of exercise and aren’t able to provide them with that. You are the perfect fit!


If you aren’t sure which breeds will be best for you, you’ve come to the right place! We have come up with this list of all the 10 best breeds of dogs perfect for runners. Let’s see what your options are!


  1. Labrador Retriever


This shouldn’t come as a major surprise, but a labrador retriever (and also a golden retriever) makes for a perfect running partner! These dogs love going on both short quick runs and longer slower runs, so no matter your desired pace and distance, they can accompany you! Best of all they are incredibly easy to train and some of the most loyal dogs out there. They are also incredibly friendly, making them a great family dog to get as well. If you want a dog that will also be good with kids, this is a perfect choice!


  1. Boxer


Believe it or not, boxers are actually excellent running dogs! In fact, looking back historically they were used as courier dogs, so running long distances is in their blood! If you like taking long runs, a boxer is the perfect choice for your sidekick. If you prefer shorter runs, they may also be a great partner for you. Boxers have a lot of energy and can sometimes get a sudden burst of energy that they like to burn off by running as quick as they can. Perfect for getting in some nice sprints!


  1. German Shorthaired Pointer


Of course, the classic hunting dog will make a great running partner for you! If you enjoy going on long runs, and in particular if you like trail running, you will find that these dogs will make for a perfect running companion. These dogs have plenty of energy so if running is an important part of your life, rest easy that it will easily become an important part of theirs as well! In fact, these dogs need regular intense exercise so they are a perfect choice if a long run is on your schedule each day.


  1. Siberian Husky


Not only are these some of the most beautiful dogs we have ever seen, they make for great running partners! After all, they are sled dogs, so they are bred to run long distances! If you live in a colder climate, a husky is a perfect choice of running dog for you. If you live in a warmer climate they are probably not your best option, as their thick coat is better suited for cooler temps. If you love to get a run in, even during winter, and even in the snow, you are sure to have a new partner with you if you choose a siberian husky!


  1. Vizsla


A lesser known breed of dog, vizsla’s are actually some of the best dogs when it comes to running and also training. If you are looking for the perfect running buddy that will get on a great routine for you, this is a great breed to consider! Vizsla’s love running and in fact should get at least 1 hour of exercise each day. Their long legs make them great running dogs, especially if you like long distance running. In fact, these dogs are so trainable that some vizsla owners even take them out on runs without a leash! If you do that, make sure they are well trained though!


  1. Dalmatian


Why not get a dalmatian as your running partner- they absolutely love to run! Their larger size makes them perfect for anyone who enjoys going on a long distance run. These dogs are very protective by nature, so if you are looking for a running partner that you know will stick by your side, you can’t go wrong with a dalmatian! Because these dogs tend to be on the larger side they tend to be a better choice for those runners who prefer to run on trails or other softer surfaces so as to avoid them really pounding down on hard surfaces like pavement.


  1. German Shepherd


This shouldn’t come as a surprise! German shepherds are some of the best running dogs out there, as they not only need intense exercise each day, they love it! German shepherds are also some of the smartest dogs and are also very protective- which is why they are popular as guard dogs for families. They are also excellent with kids so if you are looking for a family dog that will join you on your runs, this is a great choice for you!


  1. Australian Shepherd


The australian shepherd is another great running companion to consider, and especially so if you enjoy trying out new trails to run. These dogs are very smart and love dealing with various obstacles and challenges. They also are very active dogs that need exercise each and every day, so they are perfect for runners and especially for active families. Australian shepherds are also good with children so this is another perfect family dog option to consider. If your family is just as active as you, this may be your perfect dog!


  1. Weimaraner


These muscular short haired dogs are built for running, plain and simple. These dogs need a ton of exercise so they are perfectly suited for runners who exercise each and every day. Because of their short coat they are also a good choice if you live in a warmer climate. Weimaraners are also very intelligent and love being mentally stimulated, making them a great choice if you are a trail runner having to deal with different obstacles all of the time. These dogs are also very loyal and good with kids, making them a great family dog option as well!


  1. Greyhound


Finally, what list of running dogs would be complete without the greyhound? The typical race track dogs, these thin long dogs love going for you on your walks. Keep in mind though that these dogs prefer speed over distance, so if you like to go on slower, longer runs they are probably not the right choice for you! If you enjoy to get in a quick run, however, they will be right by your side!


Wrapping Up


Are you inspired to run out to your local pet store and find your perfect pooch? We bet you are! These 10 breeds of dogs all make excellent running partners, and better yet, will make excellent additions to your family. If you want a dog (and who doesn’t?) you can’t go wrong with any of these breeds. You will have a wonderful workout buddy for years to come!


We may have narrowed your list down to 10, but now comes the hard part! How will you choose the perfect one? That is up to you!

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Little Personalized Wedding Details that Make a World of Difference



Planning your dream wedding is one of the most exciting times in life. After dreaming about this moment since you were a kid, now is the time to finally make all your dreams a reality! From finding the perfect dress, to searching for the perfect venue, tasting the perfect food, and finding all the right vendors that will record your perfect day for you, there is a lot involved!


If you are concerned that your wedding isn’t going to stand out from other weddings you have been to recently, you aren’t alone. While there are plenty of wedding traditions that most couples enjoy following as they plan their big day, plenty of those same couples also want to do something a little different in order to make their wedding memorable- both for their guests and for themselves!


Does that sound like you? No matter how traditional or modern of a bride you are, you are sure to want to add your own personal touch to your wedding. Best of all, there are plenty of chances to do so! Adding in some personalized wedding details can truly transform your wedding into something that is uniquely yours. Even the smallest of little details can make a huge difference.


Not sure what your options are for personalization? No worries! Read through this list for some inspiration. We’ve rounded up what we think are the best ways to put your personal stamp on your wedding day. From decor, to your food, to your wedding party, there is a lot to consider.


We’ve broken down our ideas based on the part of the wedding day to make it easier for you to plan out your own day!




  1. Decorate the aisle with personal objects from family: This is the first chance you get on your wedding day to do something unique and personal truly to you. Instead of lining your aisle with flowers or candles, consider using personal objects from your family. This could be something from your parents, grandparents, or even great grandparents. Choose your favorite objects that have meaning to use and use as your decor.
  2. Recreate your mother’s bouquet: Every mother wants her daughter to one day wear her wedding dress, but it makes sense that you would want to pick out your own dress. That doesn’t mean you can’t incorporate something from your mother’s wedding! Consider recreating her bouquet as a wonderful way to honor her on your wedding day. This is something she will appreciate forever, or if your mother has passed away, is a wonderful way to feel like she is there with you on your big day.
  3. Have the officiant share a meaningful story: Your actual ceremony doesn’t have to follow the typical order like what you hear in the movies! Instead, have your officiant share a meaningful story- perhaps of how you met each other, or why you both love each other so much. This is a great way to personalize your ceremony and you will absolutely love going back and watching your wedding video and hearing these stories.
  4. Have a ring bearer: Okay, that doesn’t sound super personalized, but you can make it personal! For example- do you and your soon to be husband have a dog? Let the dog be your ring bearer! This is a cute way to add your furry family member into the wedding party.


Food and Drinks


  1. Create your own signature cocktails: If you will be serving alcohol at your wedding, don’t just offer up an open bar, craft your own cocktails that represent your personalities! This could be your personal favorite drink to sip on, or something that you think represents you well. Have fun and give them fun names as well and have a sign made that lists them.
  2. Serve wine from a special year: Wine is a staple at any wedding, but you can give it a personalized touch by serving wine from a year that is meaningful to you. This could be the year you were born, or perhaps the year you first met your fiance. A nice nod to a wonderful year in your life!
  3. Include a family recipe as part of your reception dinner: If you are able to, consider having one dish at your reception dinner be a favorite family recipe. You don’t have to give away your family’s secret recipe, but make sure it is noted on your menu card that this is your grandma’s mashed potatoes (for example.)
  4. Serve your personal favorite desserts: Of course when you think about a wedding you think of cake, but you don’t have to serve cake! Or, if you do want a wedding cake, you don’t have to stop there! Consider serving up your favorite desserts as a ‘late night snack’ towards the end of your reception. After a lot of dancing, a sweet treat will be enjoyed by all!




  1. Personalize your table seating numbers: Having table numbers is sort of a necessary component at your reception, but you can personalize them so that they don’t feel so boring! Do you and your fiance travel a lot? Why not have mini globes or maps with locations marked off you have been to? Or have each number correspond with a favorite movie of yours, or a favorite quote. Or, don’t use numbers at all! Having a rustic wedding? Each table could be a different animal for example. Instead of sitting at table 1, your guests could be sitting at the cardinal table, or the fox table. Much more fun!
  2. Incorporate family photos: It is such a great idea to have space in your reception area dedicated to family members. This could be a memorial table for older family members who are not with you, or could be a table that features old wedding photos from members of your family. This is a great way to connect older generations and newer ones and is a great personal touch that everyone will love.
  3. Monogram your card box: Your card box doesn’t just have to be a box! Instead, consider having it monogrammed or personalized in a similar way. Put your new last name on the box or a favorite quote of yours. Best of all, after the wedding you can use this as decor in your new place!
  4. Create your own geotag: Of course, you know everyone will be snapping pictures on their phone during the reception, so why not make those shots more memorable by having your own geotag? This is a great chance to have some fun and be silly and creative- the sky’s the limit!
  5. Pick unique music for each member or couple in your wedding party: When your wedding party is being introduced, typically there will be music playing. Instead of having one song play in the background, consider picking a unique song for each member or couple from your wedding party. This is a great way to also get the party started!


Send Off:


  1. Get unique with your favor: Wedding favors are a pretty standard part of most weddings, but you don’t have to stick with the norm- instead give out something totally unique! Give out your favorite dessert as a favor for example, or give out seeds that people can plant to commemorate your wedding day.
  2. Think beyond sparklers: Sparkler send offs have become the go-to move, and there is nothing wrong with them, but consider having a more personal send off! Have special music play as you leave, or have people blow bubbles or hold streamers instead of sparklers!
  3. Ride off in your favorite sports car, or a horse drawn carriage: Finally, your getaway is your last chance to personalize your wedding day! Pick out the ride you have always wanted- whether that be a super cool sports car, or a horse drawn carriage fit for a princess.


Wrapping Up


We told you! There are so many opportunities to personalize your wedding, and all these little details will add up so that you have a perfectly unique wedding that people will remember for years. Best of all, you will love it and always remember it, and that is what matters the most!


Wedding planning can be stressful, but it is worth it to spend the time to have it be exactly what you want. This is the most special day of your life, make sure it is a total dream come true!

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The Easiest Pumpkin Pie Recipe You Must Try!

The holiday season is right around the corner- and you know what that means! It is time to cook some delicious food! While there are so many wonderful aspects to the holiday season, sharing wonderful meals with family and friends is certainly one of the highlights, especially on Thanksgiving!

If you have always enjoyed eating all of the delicious foods of the holiday season but haven’t necessarily done your share to make the food, this is the year that that all can change! Have you been nervous to get in the kitchen? You aren’t alone!

Especially when it comes to baking, people tend to get very nervous that they won’t do it right and will burn everyone’s favorite part of dinner- dessert! Here’s the great news though- it is actually much easier than you think. Seriously!

Baking pies can really get you into the festive holiday mood, and the end result is totally delicious! If you are afraid to get in the kitchen and try, we understand, but we are here to help. A staple dish for Thanksgiving is pumpkin pie. Everyone loves pumpkin pie! And guess what? It is easy to make! If you are looking for your first pie to attempt making, this is the one for you.

pumkin pie

There are tons of pumpkin pie recipes out there, but we have found the easiest recipe that absolutely anyone can follow. The end result is a delicious pie that people will be convinced was made by a baking professional! If you are in need of a dish to bring to your Thanksgiving potluck, go ahead and sign up for dessert. You won’t be sorry!

Not convinced yet? Just take a look at the recipe and see if we can change your mind! Here is the easiest pumpkin pie recipe that will turn you into a total baking pro:

Easy (and Delicious) Pumpkin Pie


16 ounce can: pumpkin puree

14 ounce can: sweetened condensed milk

1 teaspoon: pumpkin pie spice

2 eggs

9 inch pie crust


  1. First up- preheat your oven! Set to 425 degrees.
  2. Gather your tools: you will need a large mixing bowl and a pie dish.
  3. Mix all ingredients (besides pie crust) in mixing bowl and stir well until they are all combined.
  4. Place your pie crust into your pie dish and then pour your ingredients into the pie crust and make sure it is evenly spread out over the entire pie crust.
  5. Place pie in oven and bake for 15 minutes.
  6. Reduce your oven heat to 350 degrees and bake for an additional 35 minutes. Check if the pie is ready by inserting a toothpick and seeing if it comes out clean. If not, cook a few minutes longer.
  7. Remove from oven and let cool- and serve! You can also choose to refrigerate before serving if you prefer your pie to be cold. Top with whipped cream or vanilla ice cream!

Bonus: Crust

pumkin pie crust

We admit, this recipe isn’t totally from scratch since you buy a frozen pie crust! While most people would have no problem with this, if you want to fully go all out and make the entire pie from scratch, you’ll need to make your own crust! Here is an easy pie crust recipe you can follow if you’d like to go that route instead (and major bonus points to you for doing so!!)

Pie Crust (this recipe yields 2 pie crusts):


2 ½ cups: all purpose flour

1 teaspoon: sugar

1 teaspoon: salt

4 tablespoons: ice water

2 sticks: unsalted butter


  1. First, mix your dry ingredients (flour, sugar, and salt).
  2. Next, cut your butter into pieces and add into your dry ingredients. Use a pastry blender to help mix the butter in with the ingredients
  3. Now add in your 4 tablespoons of ice water in order to form your dough. Use your hands! If the dough feels too crumbly you can add more water, but do so 1 tablespoon at a time. Don’t add too much! Once it feels like dough, stop working it.
  4. Divide your dough in half to form your two crusts. Wrap each half in plastic wrap and let it sit in your refrigerator for an hour.
  5. Now it’s time to roll the dough! Place your dough on some flour on a flat surface and use a rolling pin to flatten. From here, you can then carefully place into your pie dish. If you have too much dough hanging over the edge you can use a knife or scissors to cut any excess.

Wrapping Up

There you have it! Not so hard, is it? With few ingredients and easy to follow steps, you can have a homemade pumpkin pie in no time at all! Whether you choose to create your own pie crust or buy one from the store, either way you will end up with a delicious pie that all of your family and friends will absolutely love!

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Our 10 Favorite Korean Beauty Products Which Are Miraculous!

Korean beauty products have become all the rage amongst skincare enthusiasts that are tired of the chemical-filled products that you would typically find in Western stores. You can easily find plenty of aficionados that claim Korean skincare is far superior to the brands they are used to, and for good reasons. If you’ve been interested in learning more about what Korean beauty products have to offer, below are our top 10 favorites for you to choose from.

1. Elizavecca Milky Piggy Carbonated Bubble Clay Mask

Elizavecca Milky Piggy Carbonated Bubble Clay Mask

Get It Here

What’s more luxurious than relaxing at the end of a long day and lathering a beautiful clay mask on your skin? The Elizavecca Milky Piggy Carbonated Bubble Clay Mask is designed to give your skin the detoxification it needs either as a result of being a regular makeup wearer or from environmental dirt clogging your pores. It’s also a great option for removing blackheads and exfoliating your skin all at the same time, not to mention we love how the product foams on the skin for a unique experience.

2. Mizon Snail Repair Intensive Ampoule

Mizon Snail Repair Intensive Ampoule

Get It Here

If you’re interested in beauty products that are outside of the norm, how about this bottle of concentrated snail mucus extract that is designed to help regenerate your skin and solve a variety of skin issues ranging from wrinkling to acne?

The Mizon Snail Repair Intensive Ampoule is an anti-aging product that also works against acne scars and helps to brighten, nourish, and tighten your skin. Free of fragrance, artificial colors, and parabens, this treatment includes a variety of nourishing ingredients including 5 different vitamins and peptides.

3. COSRX Acne Pimple Master Patch

COSRX Acne Pimple Master Patch

Get It Here

Dealing with a sudden breakout that needs to be addressed ASAP? Instead of reaching for your regular pimple cream, you can use the COSRX Acne Pimple Master Patch which was the winner of the Teen Vogue Acne Awards in 2017. These unique patches are easily placed on top of any pimples that you may have and the hydrocolloids help to pull out impurities so that your breakouts are healed faster than ever before. We also love how it’s not a liquid or a gel, which makes them much easier to sleep with.

4. Dermal Korea Full Facial Mask Sheet Set

Dermal Korea Full Facial Mask Sheet Set

Get It Here

Having one or two sheet masks can be useful, but having 16 different ones to help treat a variety of skincare conditions is even better. The Dermal Korea Full Facial Mask Sheet Set has 16 different masks ranging from helping to draw impurities out of your skin to nourishing fine lines and wrinkles. Each mask is comprised of collagen and vitamin E to not only repair immediate skincare concerns but to promote the long-term health of your skin as well.

5. LilyAna Naturals Vitamin C Serum

Get It Here

Serums are also an incredibly popular type of Korean skincare, especially if you’re looking for a nourishing topical agent after you have cleansed your face. With the combination of vitamin C and hyaluronic acid, the LilyAna Naturals Vitamin C Serum helps to cleanse your pores and tighten your skin within a single use.

Aside from its anti-aging properties, it also helps to fade sun spots and other signs of scarring and damage from acne. Designed to be easy to apply, all you have to do is take a few drops of the formula and spread it over the affected areas of your face.

6. The Face Shop Rice Water Bright Cleansing Foam Set

The Face Shop Rice Water Bright Cleansing Foam Set

Get It Here

The Face Shop Rice Water Bright Cleansing Foam Set is a great purchase either for yourself or as a gift for a friend as it comes with the cleansing foam and the cleansing oil. This formula is specifically designed to help brighten your skin and ensure that it’s moisturized after removing dirt, bacteria, and any traces of makeup. We also fell in love with its airy and feminine scent in comparison to harsh medicinal smells of regular cleansers.

7. Seoul Ceuticals Vitamin C Serum

Seoul Ceuticals Vitamin C Serum

Get It Here

As another vitamin C serum that you should take into consideration, the Seoul Ceuticals Vitamin C Serum is slightly more concentrated than the LilyAna formula, which makes it perfect for people who are dealing with deeper scarring and hyperpigmentation. With a formula that combines vitamin C, hyaluronic acid, and CE ferulic acid, you’ll have a potent source of anti-aging and anti-wrinkle power.

8. Mizon All in One Snail Repair Cream

Mizon All in One Snail Repair Cream

Get It Here

If your interests were piqued with the previous Mizon Snail Serum, you’re going to certainly want to get your hands on the Mizon All in One Snail Repair Cream. With a texture that is similar to a traditional face cream, this powerful formula helps to improve the regeneration and recovery of your skin. It has a 92% snail mucus concentration to help fight blemishes, wrinkles, and scars, but it also helps to brighten your skin. Similar to the other formula, the Mizon All in One Snail Repair Cream contains plenty of vitamins and peptides to promote healthy healing.

9. Active Wow Teeth Whitening Charcoal Powder

Active Wow Teeth Whitening Charcoal Powder

Get It Here

Who would have thought that activated charcoal would also be a great way to get rid of deep stains on your teeth? No matter if you’re an avid coffee drinker, smoker, or just prone to discolored teeth, the Active Wow Teeth Whitening Charcoal Powder is surely one of our favorite Korean beauty products on the market. All you have to do is dip your toothbrush into the powder and gently brush your teeth, we can guarantee that you’ll be able to see signs of whitening after your first couple of uses.

10. Hokkuu Volcanic Mud Facial Mask

Hokkuu Volcanic Mud Facial Mask

Get It Here

In the past, volcanic mud was something you could only get your hands on while on vacation, but with the help of Hokkuu Volcanic Mud Facial Mask, you’ll be able to have it in your very own bathroom.

Combined with matcha green tea extract, this face mask is designed to revitalize your skin and help create healthier and happier pores. The Asian volcanic clay helps to even your skin tone and improve the overall texture of your skin while the caffeine from the matcha green tea helps to brighten your skin and shrink the appearance of pores.

Final Thoughts

There are plenty of different Korean beauty products to find online, however, finding the best products for every skin type can be tough without a little bit of help. With these ten phenomenal products at your disposal, you’ll finally have the ability to take control of your skincare concerns so you can put your best face forward.

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