Cheap Outdoor Christmas Decoration Ideas



It’s the Christmas season, and while there is a lot to do, one important part is decorating! From selecting your Christmas tree, to placing the ornaments, hanging the garland, stringing the lights, and hanging the stockings, there is a lot to keep you occupied inside.


But what about outside? That is important to! To really get into the festive season, consider decorating the outside of your house. Each day you come home you can pull up to some gorgeous decorations that get you in the holiday spirit all over again. Isn’t it nice driving through neighborhoods where all the houses are nicely decorated? You don’t want to be the one house that doesn’t participate!


With that in mind, we recognize that outdoor Christmas decorations can be kind of pricey! And given how expensive the Christmas season is in general, it makes sense if you don’t have a large budget to spend on outdoor decor. That is okay! Thankfully, there are plenty of affordable decoration ideas to choose from.


We have rounded up some of our favorite outdoor Christmas decorations, and all are very inexpensive! If you want to take the festivity outside this year, consider using these decorations to help turn the outside of your house into a perfect Winter Wonderland. All of the items here are $50 or less!


  1. YIHONG Inflatable Santa Claus 4ft Christmas Blow Up Yard Decorations

Price: $25.99


Of course, what list of Christmas decorations would be complete without Santa Claus?? Inflatable decorations are some of our favorites, as they are just so fun and make a big impact. And trust us, kids love them too! Best of all, this 4 foot Santa is under $30! For not a lot of money, this can easily be the focal point of your outdoor decorations. Santa will wave hello to friends, family, and neighbors all season long! We love that this Santa also has LED lights inside of him so that you can still see him at night! It also comes with ropes and stakes to stabilize him so that you don’t have to worry about him flying away during a windy day!


  1. Whaline Christmas Porch Sign, Welcome and Merry Christmas Hanging Sign for Home

Price: $18.99


What better way to welcome friends and family into your home than with these gorgeous outdoor hanging signs? Perfect to hang on either side of your front door, these signs say ‘Welcome’ and ‘Merry Christmas’ and we think they are perfect for decorating your doorway. Sure it is important to decorate your yard, but you don’t want to forget about your door! Everyone passes through here- make it special! These banners also come with two small holes at the bottom so that you can secure them to something heavy, that way you don’t have to worry about them flying around on a windy day! For less than $20, this is a great outdoor decoration that is easy to set up and looks great.


  1. guaiboshi Falling Rain Lights, LED Meteor Shower Lights

Price: $17.99


Okay, wow! If you want to make a big impact and totally wow your neighbors, you need these meteor shower lights! These are perfect to hang from any trees that you might have in your front yard, or you could consider hanging them off the edge of your house! Either way, the result is some seriously cool lights that everyone will love. Personally we thought these lights would be way more expensive, but for less than $20, they are a steal! If you want to do something with lights this holiday season but want to do something different than the typical string lights, this is the perfect option for you. Best of all, these lights turn on and off in a sequence as if they were actually part of a meteor shower! This may be our favorite outdoor decor, they just look so magical!


  1. Multi-Color Light Bulb Pathway Markers, 10-Pack

Price: $32


These light bulb lights are so cute and are perfect for marking the edge of a walkway or sidewalk up to your front door! Not only do these look nice, they are also practical as well! If you have family or friends stopping by at night, these lights will light the way to your door! So fun and festive, we love these lights and think they make for perfect Christmas decor. These technically come in white bulbs, but we think the multi-color is much more fun for Christmas! If you don’t have a walkway you can still easily use these for decor out in your yard! There are plenty of possibilities when it comes to these fun lights, and we think they would make an excellent addition to your outdoor decor.


  1. Prextex Set of 3 Christmas Lighted Red Green and Blue Gift Boxes Small Medium and Large

Price: $35.95


Looking for more decorations that you can put out in your yard? You’ve got Santa, and what does Santa bring with him? Presents! We love this set of 3 Christmas presents and think this makes for wonderful decor this holiday season. Wrapped in gorgeous red, green, and blue ‘paper’ along with red bows on top, these are fun present boxes that you can place either in a grouping or in 3 different spots in your yard. Best of all, these decorations come with lights inside them so that you can still see them at night! Fun, festive, and affordable! You can’t beat that!


  1. Hohoto Firework Lights, LED Fairy Lights, 2 Pack of DIY Led Light for Christmas

Price: $28.99


Finally, if you want more unique lighting for your decor, we love these ‘firework’ lights, in fact we think they look like lit up snowflakes! No matter your interpretation, these lights are gorgeous and perfect for lighting up the outside of your house. Whether you hang them from a tree, off your house, or near your front door, these lights are sure to make a big impact. Best of all, you can actually bend these lights to form them into unique shapes! Push them more tightly together, or spread them out for thin lights bursting from the center, the choice is yours! You can also choose if you want these lights to be steadily on, or you can choose various flashing modes like wave, sequential, or slo glo! With timer modes as well, these lights are easy to set up so that you don’t have to worry about them- they will turn on and off all on their own all season long!


Wrapping Up


So, what do you think? Without breaking the bank you can get some great outdoor decor that will ensure your house looks ready for the holiday season! From unique lights, to Santa and his presents, and so much more, your house will be the best looking on the block!


What are your favorite type of Christmas decorations? Let us know, and Merry Christmas!


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